Wuvo Spot: The Worldwide Tracker

Many bluetooth tracking devices have been released over the years but few can advertise worldwide support. The new Wuvo Spot is one of the trackers that does in fact offer worldwide tracking at a very affordable price. I was able to get 10 through this Indiegogo campaign for $100. Quite the bargain compared to other trackers out there. They will make great gifts come Christmas!

Anyway, my experience with them was positive so far. I have kept 3 of the 10 for myself and attached them to my keys, wallet and headphones (things I commonly misplace in the house). They have all the regular features of trackers such as remote alarm, GPS locator and location history. I am able to track all of their locations on a simple and well-designed app on my phone.

The one negative thing I must say about it is the keychain it came with. When I was trying to attach it, the thread broke and I had to use some thread to fix it… It does come with a double-sided sticker solution for attaching to a flat surface on your belongings which was helpful for attaching to the inside of my headphones.


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Apple’s Indoor Directions and iBeacon

Companies have ventured into providing indoor interactive maps including Google. Large malls have developed their own mobile apps that provide indoor maps and directories, some even interactive. However, Apple is looking to join and take over the scene with the ability to map an entire indoor space without any additional hardware except the latest iPhone!

Sources show a new app that was officially published to the App Store by Apple called “Indoor Survey” that requires special permissions to log onto and use. Apparently this app will allow the user to broadcast their location and through the phones GPS and other sensors, beam information about the space indoors.

If this app succeeds and works as described, you could safely assume that any well-visited and popular indoor venue will be mapped. The consumers may not benefit from this as much as the corporations, in particular all the retail stores in malls! If consumers are broadcasting their location (relatively accurately) indoors, a retail store can ping a potential customer through Apple’s iBeacon service very easily, notifying the customer of new promotions and incentives. Maybe you won’t be greeted by a friendly employee handing you a sale flyer for much longer!