Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra 120Hz Display – Does it stand up to the hype?

The Galaxy S20 lineup has what many would consider a huge leap - 120Hz displays. Does it stand up to the hype? What are the downfalls that Samsung is hiding from us?

Samsung, Apple and Essential – The Race to the Ultimate Bezel-free Phone

Where 2016 was the year where phone companies raced to make the thinnest phone with the best cameras, 2017 was the year where they raced to reduce bezels. Three big players come up at the top for reducing bezels: Samsung, Essential and Apple. Let's compare what they've done and what is coming in the future using ratios, zoomed-in pics and all that good stuff!

What to buy? New Macbook Pro vs. New Surface Book

This was an exciting week for the big two. Microsoft unveiled its new Surface Book on Wednesday, October 26th, and Apple followed suit the next day with their new Macbook Pros. This left me wanting both laptops so I have a big decision to make! This article isn't about all the new features of these … Continue reading What to buy? New Macbook Pro vs. New Surface Book