About Us

“Let me put in the muscle to get you the latest tech hustle”

TechnoMuscle was launched in October 2015 by me, Ryan McGuinness, its primary author. Currently, I scour the news and web for the next big thing when it comes for technology. I look to post at least once a week with relevant, exciting, honest and factual information that will hopefully spark your interest. Posts on TechnoMuscle will not simply regurgitate information from the web, they will present information in a relevant way for the everyday consumer and will often include my personal opinions.

I have a Master’s of Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo. I firmly believe that proper inter-functional collaboration and corporate social responsibility can have a positive impact on society. My best work comes from the perspective of a consumer who loves technology, and also understands the social, economic and environmental impact it has on society, both positively and negatively. I hope you will follow me here on technomuscle.com and @technomuscle on social 🙂.

Eventually, we will look to expand TechnoMuscle into video reviews and curated e-mail newsletters so keep checking back!

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