iPhone XS and XS Max users reporting units aren’t auto charging when plugged in!

You better be ready for wireless charging because Apple ‘ChargeGate’ is here!

It appears there is a bug in iOS 12 causing the new iPhone XS and XS Max as well as iPads and some older iPhones from charging automatically when plugged in with the screen off. The solutions vary among users but the common consensus is if you leave the screen on and plug it in, or use a wireless charging base, then your phone will charge normally.

With all the talk that this bug is generating, Apple is likely to release a fix via update very soon. For now, below is UnboxTherapy’s demonstration of this problem:

I guess this bug only draws more attention to the fact that during their recent keynote,  Apple didn’t mention a single word about the AirPower charging base it announced last year!

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